Hungary is a top choice for travelers throughout the world who seek quality eye vision care in addition to complete body and facial rejuvenation.

Exceptional wellness facilities together with excellent healthcare services have put Hungary among the list of the most significant medical tourism destinations in Europe. Hungary is  a top choice for travelers throughout the world who seek quality healthcare in addition to complete body and facial rejuvenation.

Vision Surgery in Budapest

Laser clinic in Budapest

Laser eye surgery clinic (Lasik Center) is easily the most calming environment in the of Budapest, Lasek clinic is a very popular area of the city: they often come here to unwind, or for some sporting activities. The gorgeous and peaceful island around the river Danube is an ideal place for the clinic.

LASIK surgery clinic offers the latest laser vision correction procedures, depending on the highest technical standards.

  • Meditours Hungary

Kazinczy u. 9, Budapest, 1072,

Meditours Hungary, established in 2005 by USA-born, Dr. Randy Simor, is among the leading medical tourism agencies in Budapest, Hungary.With more than 15 years of training and working experience of the medical profession in Hungary, Dr. Simor and the staff offer you the most comprehensive selection of World Class cosmetic surgery and beauty treatments offered at the most affordable prices.

  • Smart Choice Medical Travel, Budapest

The corporation is the only Medical Services operator in Hungary. They’re committed to finding overseas patients the very best of accommodation and medical services at affordable rates. The organization has a U.K. based coordinator to maintain the patients needs within the U.K. and a Hungarian coordinator to coordinate medical services and accommodation in Hungary. A totally free mobile phone is provided to the patient and sightseeing tours are arranged through the company if required by the patient. Hotel bookings, doctor’s appointments and transport are arranged through the company.

Free services for foreign patients

Private clinics provide many services free of charge. These include:

  • help to find the cheapest airfare tickets
  • help to book accommodation
  • arranging all communications between your patient and the surgeon
  • all patients are allocated a UK-based coordinator, in addition to a Hungarian coordinator who can be contacted 24/7
  • all hospital administration procedures – booking consultations, surgery dates etc
  • a Hungarian cell phone, with all the telephone numbers you might need
  • airport transfers and clinic transfers
  • assist with booking restaurants, sightseeing tours

Laser eye vision correction

If your perfect vision and a life free of glasses and contact lenses is exactly what you wish as a souvenir from Hungary, there is a way of achieving that too. Vision correction is easily the most sought-after ophthalmic procedure throughout the world and, with the aid of the laser technique, is totally safe, the results being immediate. IntraLASIK technology, coded in Hungary and now used in the whole world, made the entire process of improving vision more comfortable than ever before. With the help of this unique computer-controlled laser technique lasting for just a few minutes, patients experience the results immediately, plus they do not have to face any pain or uncomfortable feeling.

Leading eye specialists and also the latest technology

Private clinics has advanced technology and equipment to do the different kinds of laser eye operations while using latest medical information, technical equipment and quality standards. They provide competitively-priced, state-of-the-art, individualised vision correction surgeries, with no risk and inconvenience of long-distance travel.