Ageless Wonders Panama, a Health tourism firm from Panama, has merged with PlacidWay, a medical tourism portal located in Denver, Colorado, to give total wellness services in Panama. The international patients seeking affordable and quality care can access exclusive individualized packages to satisfy almost all their expectations.

Executive Director of Ageless Wonders Panama, Eric De Ycaza says, “Ageless Wonders Panama assists international travelers car surgical procedure and care. With this affiliation using the best nursing homes in Panama which are recognized and accredited by international organizations, in addition to tourism operators and after-care providers, we assess patient’s specific needs and guide them car medical vacation process. The connection with PlacidWay allows us to grow our market reach quickly in key target markets allowing us to give our means to fix the folks seeking affordable yet quality care.”

With the expertise, experience and training of specialists in several fields, Ageless Wonders Panama is proud to announce services generally and laparoscopic surgery and is constantly on the meet the requirements of these seeking vision care, cosmetic surgery, obesity procedures and treatments, nutrition, and alternative treatment along with other wellness services.

Pramod Goel, CEO of PlacidWay, Says “We are delighted to become listed on hands with Ageless Wonders Panama to promote medical tourism services in Panama. Their vision to give integrative medicine by combining traditional medicine with alternative medicines services are completely aligned with PlacidWay philosophies of in which the way forward for healthcare is headed.”

Ageless Wonders Panama is very happy to announce medical travel packages including pre and post-op care, hotel accommodations and lodgings. All needs, from initial consultation to after-care, would be the focus of Ageless Wonders Panama staff. They even advise you regarding packages for the family or companion. Fredrik Moulina of Illinois Says, an old patient of Ageless Wonders Panama, “The advantages of a medical vacation are priceless. We wouldn’t have known this unless we’d chose to experience this kind of vacation on our very own. You get saving lots of money, using the connection with knowing an attractive country like Panama, as well as your surgical procedure is looked after by first-class professionals.”

Ageless Wonders Panama offers world-renowned experts in plastic and cosmetic surgical treatments, LASIK eye treatments, dentistry, and anti-aging treatments in Panama. From surgical procedures to wellness services, professionals at Ageless Wonders Panama are qualified to give superior health care for meeting the requirements and desires of travelers searching for options to continually rising wellness care costs in the USA.

Conclude Goel, We are content and proud to become listed on efforts with Ageless Wonders Panama in providing the very best in care and practices and resources to consumers sick and tired of insufficient insurance benefits and astronomical health care costs caused by out-of-control wrongful death insurance costs. Affordable medical and wellness care is offered. It’s our obligation to assist consumers find and evaluate that information.